Project Innovations
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We strive to create positive outcomes for all project stakeholders by:


The daily management of a project requires prompt action to issues, excellent organisational skills, reliable systems, proven processes, and attention to detail.

Throughout the project we continually evaluate the progress to ensure that there are agreed solutions that will deliver the business and project needs. We pro- actively manage the project to identify the inevitable problems and issues that arise so that they can be resolved promptly.

We oversee every issue, liaise and meet regularly with all stakeholders and authorities, and attend to each notice, claim and variation, mitigating risk. This allows our Clients to focus on their business and not be distracted by the running of the project; ensuring a smooth transition of the project into operation and use.


Value Optimisation

Optimising the value of a project is fundamental to not only the financial success of the initial development but the ongoing operational viability of the project. Value management provides the opportunity to review and challenge assumptions as well as encourage creative and lateral thinking. Project Innovations is firmly committed to undertaking value management of the critical aspects of every project.

We have the experience and skills necessary to balance and evaluate the often conflicting aesthetic, functional, construction, and buildability aspects of a project to find the most appropriate cost effective solution that still maintains the design intent.



Throughout every project, we perform broad-spectrum monitoring to identify any potential issues before they become critical. This allows enough time to evaluate options, and allow for decisions to be made in a timely manner. Risk mitigation is foremost in our objectives at all times. It is easy to get lost in the detail, but no matter what arises we never lose sight of the big picture, and always remain focused on the overall project objectives.



To maintain the quality of our environment we have to use resources wisely, use less resources, reduce waste, foster new technologies and work collaboratively. Project Innovations can assist Clients to Integrate sustainability into their project and achieve operating cost savings through functional design, commercial pragmatism and common sense.